From lensman to vocalist, these docs don many coats

July 04, 2017

Dr Mythri Shankar, senior consultant, Nuclear medicine, Cytecare hospital

She begins her day with a steaming cuppa. This is no ordinary tea but one which contains the powder of stevia leaves and lemon grass cultivated in her garden. The professional grows a variety of vegetables likerare red ladies fingers, white egg plant, bridge gourd and tomatoes. Even oranges, pomegranates, bananas and strawberries can be found in Dr Mythri Shankar's garden. They're all grown organically using homemade compost.

Despite her hectic job — she's senior consultant, nuclear medicine, at Cytecare Cancer Hospital — Dr Mythri Shankar finds time to pursue her favourite hobby, gardening. "I do cancer detection tests like PET-CT scans and have to reveal the bad news to patients. Many ask me how they got cancer with no tobacco or cigarette addiction. I tell them that some of the food we consume is affected by chemical fertilizers which are carcinogenic. My passion for growing vegetables stems from the desire to eat safe food," says Dr Mythri, who has cut rice from her diet and has been consuming millets for about a year now.