How Technology Has Changed Breast Cancer Care

March 22, 2018

Amongst females in the country, breast cancer tops the list of cancer cases and the number of deaths caused by this disease. Thus, we need to spread awareness about breast cancer and also the importance of using the latest technology in the screening and treatment to effectively fight this disease, as understanding the trends in breast cancer will help patients make informed decisions.

Technological Advances In Breast Cancer

Technology in cancer care is not only making processes faster, but also more accurate. Doctors and researchers have come up with various technological advances especially in breast cancer which is providing hope to millions of women in the world, to begin a new life.

In the initial stage, breast cancer may not show any prominent symptoms and hence regular screening and self-examination are important and recommended for the early detection of breast cancer. For this, doctors recommend regular mammograms coupled with monthly breast self-examination so that any minor symptoms can be detected in the early stage and measures can be taken.

Some Major Trends In Breast Cancer Technology

Amongst others, some of the major trends that are used in the detection of breast cancer are 3D tomosynthesis, 2D tomosynthesis, Breast MRI and Automated Breast Ultra Sound (ABUS). A mammogram also known as tomosynthesis continues to be the best first line defence for early breast cancer screening. 3D tomosynthesis of the breast is dissimilar from a typical 2D mammogram in the same way, a CT scan of the chest is different from a standard chest X-ray.