psycho-oncologist in Bangalore

Dr. Revathi Rajagopal

Executive, Psycho-Oncology

Masters of Philosophy (MPhil.) in Psycho-Oncology from Adyar Cancer Institute

Educational Qualifications:

Completed Masters of Philosophy (MPhil.) in Psycho-Oncology from Adyar Cancer Institute (WIA) - August 2016 to November 2017

Completed Masters of Science (MSc.) in Clinical Psychology from Christ (Deemed to be University) - 2014-2016

Interned at varied fields:

COPER (Centre for Psycho- Oncology for Education and Research), aims to integrate psycho- oncology into mainstream cancer care, delivering psycho-social care to patients and their families.

Athmashakti Vidyalaya Society, a resential therapuetic community that facilitates treatment of patients with mental illnesses and focusses on their rehabilitation into minstream society

Areas of Interest:

Psycho  Oncology

Bio statistics and Reserach Methodolody

Clinical Psychology

Geriatric Psycho Oncology


Tobacco Cessation

Professional Experience

Attended a course in Palliative Care - EPEC (Education in Palliative and End-of-life Care) - December 2018

Facilitation of support groups for patients with cancer and their caregiver and organized various community- level oral screening programs as part of tobacco cessation ventures

Trained in Bio statistics and  Clinical Reserach Methodolody ( including Survival Analysis and Operational Research)

Underwent training in  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at Brain and Behaviour Clinic ,Chennai

Research Publications & Presentations

Published a research paper along with the onco- nutrition departemnt on the topic “Patient-Centered Foodservice Model Improves Body Weight, Nutritional Intake and Patient Satisfaction in Patients Undergoing Cancer Treatment” (September, 2018)

Presented a research paper for IPOS, 2018 (Hong Kong), and presented a poster for II Indian Cancer Congress, 2017)